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From <>
Subject RE: Resuming the build process
Date Wed, 21 Apr 2004 16:38:04 GMT
The solution is called "make" ;-) Seriously, you need to implement depend tasks in each step
to check if the output needs to be refreshed or not. But also, you probably would like to
break up the dependency chain into two or more steps. You can always put them together again
in a script calling the targets in correct order.

	Stratton, Jason [] wrote:
	Hi All,
	We have a significantly long build process for our weekly/quarterly build. If an error occurs
in any stage of the build, we currently have to re-run the whole build, which is probably
what we want to do in most cases anyway, but when we are working on the build process itself
for example, we would like to resume the build at the stage where the error occurred.
	Like most ant build files (that I've encountered anyway), we have a series of targets that
depend on other targets, more or less like the following:
	  <target name="first">
	  <target name="second" depends="first">
	  <target name="third" depends="second">
	Now suppose an error occurs during the execution of the target "second". How would one resume
the process with the "second" target, skipping the "first"?
	I can think of some brute force ways of doing. Such as creating a parallel series of targets
that eliminate the depends attribute at the key stages. Or adding an if attribute to each
target and adding an entry into the for each stage to skip. What I was hoping
to get out of this enquiry is some elegant solutions that may have been developed.
	Thank you.
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