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From "Mckenna, Rob" <>
Subject apply task and mapper
Date Mon, 05 Apr 2004 13:28:28 GMT
I'm using a mapper with targetfile to specify the output names in an apply task, but the executable
is not recognizing <targetfile/>. The task and output. Any thoughts on what I'm doing
wrong? The task and output is below. 

Rob McKenna

	<apply executable="link.exe" dest="./bin" failonerror="true">
     		<arg value="/nologo"/>
  		<arg value="/dll"/>
   		<arg value="/incremental:no"/>
  		<arg value="/machine:I386"/>
  		<arg value="/out:" />
  		<arg value="/NOENTRY"/>
		<fileset dir="./" includes="*ldk.RES"/>
		<mapper type="glob" from="*.RES" to="*.ldk" />

    [apply] Current OS is Windows 2000
    [apply] bbd2xmlldk.RES added as C:\bis\core\release\core\74\\bbd2xml\bbd2xmlldk.ldk
doesn't exist.
    [apply] Executing 'link.exe' with arguments:
    [apply] '/nologo'
    [apply] '/dll'
    [apply] '/incremental:no'
    [apply] '/machine:I386'
    [apply] '/out:'
    [apply] 'C:\bis\core\release\core\74\\bbd2xml\bbd2xmlldk.ldk'
    [apply] '/NOENTRY'
    [apply] 'C:\bis\core\release\core\74\\bbd2xml\bbd2xmlldk.RES'
    [apply] The ' characters around the executable and arguments are
    [apply] not part of the command.
    [apply] LINK : fatal error LNK1146: no argument specified with option "/out:"

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