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From "Richard Hill" <>
Subject RE: Ant Style Task Question
Date Wed, 07 Apr 2004 23:37:53 GMT
Never mind...I got a hold of the source and looks like it's not using the main projects basedir
property. It just uses the current directory of the subproject with the Sytle task as a default
if the basedir parameter isn't used. Now I just need to find out why it can't find the file
I specified.

Thanks anyway.

- Richard

-----Original Message-----
From: Richard Hill 
Sent: Wednesday, April 07, 2004 3:49 PM
Subject: Ant Style Task Question

I ran into a problem using the Sytle task and I was hoping that someone on this list might
have a solution. I'm using Ant 1.5.3

I have a project that builds a subproject using the Ant task. The subproject uses a Sytle
task. The source XML file used in the xslt transformation is located in a time stamped directory
created by the main project. 

The Style task is looking for the source XML in the default directory defined by the basedir
property. This property is create by the main project regardless and is passed to the subproject
through the Ant task's inheritAll parameter (which is needed), so I can't override it in the

How do I point to the source XML file in the time stamped directory in the Sytle task?

I'm hoping that this is something simple that I'm just overlooking...any help will be appreciated.


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