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From "Stirling, Scott" <>
Subject RE: Embedded Maven or Maven Light???
Date Mon, 12 Apr 2004 19:20:39 GMT
> From: Jens Riboe []
> So, I wonder if I'm alone or there are anybody out there 
> fealing the same, that Ant should be extended with some 
> of the Maven features.

Naaaah.  I liked Maven too at first, but ran into the same problems you did.  The worst was
the dependency checking between project components, which didn't work.  A lot of Maven stuff
only works right if you're faithful and diligent on the maven email list.  After a while I
decided the whole thing had miles to go before it could be useful on anything other than Jakarta
projects (and other one-offs, like sourceforge projects where 1 jar per project is the norm).

> What I really would like to see is a mavenfileset, similar to 
> the example below
> <mavenfileset url="${maven.repo}" cachedir="${maven.local}" >
>     <include groupid="${xyz.groupid}" artifactid="${}" 
> version="${xyz.version}"/>
> </mavenfileset >

The whole repo idea is pretty useless in my environment.  We just check the needed jars for
a project into the source control structure for the project and update them there as needed.
 We depend on stability for internal and external libraries, and have no need to be downloading
the nightly build of every jakarta commons project (which seems to be the sweet spot of the
REPO idea), or forcing upgrades of our own libraries onto other teams. We toyed with the idea
of an intranet Maven REPO, but that quickly seemed stupid since once everyone's downloaded
the jars in the REPO (which happens the first two hours of use), it won't get used again until
you update a jar.  And you can just as easily do that with your source control system without

I think the best idea Maven has going for it is the Project Object Model concept.  Last I
looked (about a year ago) it needed a lot of work to be robust enough (and extensible) to
support professional enterprise projects.  IMO, that's what Maven can and should capitalize
on and run with.  On a related note, I guess that's an area where Ant could incorporate the
ideas of Maven by beefing up the build.xml with some more structure, at least as an alternative
for those who want it. 


Scott Stirling
Workscape, Inc.
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