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From Thomas Cotting <>
Subject JReleaseInfo task for inclusion on page "External Tools and Task"
Date Thu, 29 Apr 2004 09:59:28 GMT

I would like to add an external task that I've written to the page
"External Tools and Task".

According to the FAQ I append the information in the preferred XDOCS
format, as subsection element:

Thanks in advance,


<subsection name="JReleaseInfo">

    Sometimes you are interested at runtime to have information from
build time. This may be the build date, a build number or the version.
    The JReleaseInfo Ant Task generates a java source file with getter
methods for any desired and provided properties.
    Furthermore, it can automatically generate a viewer (which can e.g.
be used as main-class in a library jar file) that shows the included
release information.

   <table class="externals">
       <td>Ant 1.6 and later</td>
       <td><a href="">HomePage on
href="">Forums/Tracker on
       <td>Apache Software License</td>

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