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From Peter Reilly <>
Subject Re: Article: Use Jython to Write Ant Tasks
Date Mon, 26 Apr 2004 09:50:20 GMT
Hi Ed,
This is a interresting article - I did not know about the """@sig " trick.

I tried to do the following using ant's script task:

from import Task

class SimpleTask(Task):

  message = ""

  def execute(self):
     """@sig public void execute()"""
     Task.log(self, "Message: " + self.message)

  def setMessage(this, aMessage):
     """@sig public void setMessage(java.lang.String str)"""
     this.message = aMessage

project.addTaskDefinition("s", SimpleTask)

But when the task is used, I get:
ImportError: no module named main

This is a pity as it would be nice to add jython to the
languages supported by <scripttypedef>.

The groovy example would be more  groovly  written:

public class GroovySimpleTask extends Task {
  String message = ""
  public void execute() {

project.addTaskDefinition("s", GroovySimpleTask)


Ed Taekema wrote:

>I've written a guide to writing Ant tasks using Jython:  how to add scripted behaviour
>to ant builds. It details the steps to write a custom Ant task in jython, compile
>it and install it into ant so it can be used as any other task in an ant build. 
>The article also takes a quick look at an alternate implementation using Groovy.
>And ... here is the url: .
>Ed Taekema
>Toronto, Canada
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