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From Jack Woehr <>
Subject Fileset customized per customer?
Date Fri, 16 Apr 2004 17:00:27 GMT
"I'm trying to think, but nothing happens!?" - Curly Howard (Three Stooges)

I've got a bunch of generic files with in a directory. Customer subdirectories may contain
some, all, or no customer-specific versions
of the same files contained in the parent, e.g.:

     config/ --+
               +-- foo.conf
               +-- bar.conf
               +-- A/ --+   ( <== customer A)
               |        |
               |        +-- foo.conf
               +-- B/ --+ (  <== customer B)
                        +-- foo.conf
                        +-- bar.conf

I'd like to say:

     "Copy with filterset overwrite everything in the base config/ directory, but for each
     in the config/ dir, if there exists a file with the same name in config/${customer}/,
     use that file instead."

I've done this in a few cases by calculating the resultant pathnames into properties, but
the situation
is becoming global. Is there a generic answer to this sort of problem?

Jack J. Woehr            # "[F]ar in the empty sky a solitary esophagus slept #  upon motionless wing; everywhere brooded stillness, #  serenity, and the peace of God." - Mark Twain

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