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From Johan Vromans CPWR <>
Subject Re: Preset execution environment
Date Wed, 14 Apr 2004 10:23:50 GMT
Peter Reilly wrote:
> I have been thinking of a modification to <import> to
> seach for the import file in the following order:
>  1) relative to the importing file (current behaviour)
>  2) relative to ~/.ant/imports
>  3) relative to $ANT_HOME/imports
> this would mean that one could place a "common.xml" in
> ~/.ant/imports and use it in multiple projects, and override
> it for specific projects.

This would be great for a "common.xml" that is common to _all_ projects. 
But it still doesn't provide for a project-specific "common.xml".

What I try to achieve with import/float is that you can say

    ant -f project1/some/where/build.xml
    ant -f project2/some/where/else/build.xml

and have each command import the project specific settings that would 
reside in for example project1 cq. project2.

What I try to avoid as much as possible is having to set up environment 
variables and/or properties external to the ant command.

-- Johan

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