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From Thomas SMETS <>
Subject Re: compiling JAI
Date Wed, 07 Apr 2004 22:34:30 GMT
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Indeed I needed to FORK the process to have something that lasts more 
that the blink of an eye.

Running JAI manually I get the following traces.

[00:28 0.09]
[calvin 39] script > java -cp 
org.joone.example.fonts.demo.JAISampleProgram /home/tsmets/tmp/IMSTP.gif &
[1] 4140
[00:30 0.06]
[calvin 40] script > 00:30:44,391 DEBUG 
org.joone.example.fonts.demo.JAISampleProgram - FileSeekableStream found 
: /home/tsmets/tmp/IMSTP.gif
Could not load mediaLib accelerator wrapper classes. Continuing in pure 
Java mode.

And hopefully exactly the sae traces when running it from under ANT.

Any hint ?


Stefan Bodewig wrote:

|On Tue, 6 Apr 2004, Thomas SMETS <> wrote:
|>To make things clear in my mind, I just need to put the "lib"
|>directory as part of the build classpath, isn't it.
|If you use build.classpath within your <javac> task, yes.
|There is no magical path that would be used implicitly, except for
|your CLASSPATH environment and the stuff that comes from ANT_HOME/lib,
|~/.ant/lib or the -lib command line arg.
|>The "run.classpath" (for the JAI related matters) will only need to
|>be the same, isn't it ?
|If you use run.classpath in your <java> task, yes.  Results may be
|better if you fork the new VM.
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