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From Ivan Ivanov <>
Subject RE: Assign new value to an existing property
Date Fri, 30 Apr 2004 13:08:50 GMT
>A million thanks to the
> ant-contrib people for producing such useful tasks.
> I've always been kind of confused why most of the
> tasks aren't included in the regular ant
> distribution, I guess its that whole minimalist
> approach and you can always just download these
> tasks.
> ~ Doug Daniels

More interesting quetion is why Ant properties are
immutable. I have tried to find some reasons, but none
of them is fully persuasive.
Well, when I take a look at my build.xml's, 80% of the
properties are directory/file names, which of course
change almost never, a few other properties defining
paths and classpath, which also do not change and a
few other properties for server names/ips. So why
bother for the remaining infinitely small part and
rare cases when property changing is needed.
However, can someone answered clearly why properties
have been designed as immutable?


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