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From Matt Benson <>
Subject Re: Exec task in Ant 1.6.1
Date Wed, 14 Apr 2004 14:47:20 GMT
--- Rhino <> wrote:
> - launch a Windows XP command prompt via Start/All
> Programs/Accessories/Command Prompt 
> - enter the following at the command prompt: db2cmd
> [This initializes the DB2 command line environment,
> making the next commands possible; they don't work
> at a normal command prompt.]
> - enter the following at the DB2 command prompt: db2
> connect to sample
> - enter the following at the DB2 command prompt: db2
> comment on specific procedure income_proc is 'xyz'

Sounds like db2cmd is the executable, but it is
interactive, so you really need to send two separate
commands to a single executable.  If you don't need to
worry about the output you might be able to do this:

<!-- abbreviate the line separator, courtesy of Jan
<property name="br" value="${line.separator}" />
<exec executable="db2cmd"
 inputstring="db2 connect to sample${br}db2 comment on
specific procedure income_proc is 'xyz'" />

You could also use a real line in the buildfile to
signify the line break in the inputstring attribute,
OR put the whole thing as two lines in a file and use
that on the input attribute.  I'd try this general
approach first; you may get lucky.  If you have to use
something like "exit" as a final command to get out of
db2cmd, the same approach should apply.


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