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From Matt Benson <>
Subject Re: Preset execution environment
Date Wed, 14 Apr 2004 14:22:42 GMT
--- Johan Vromans CPWR
<> wrote:
> Matt Benson wrote:
> >  Also, with all due respect I'm not sure
> > how it addresses the original issue...

The original issue, as I am referring to it, was in
the first message on the thread:
but I'll include it here:

"The new 1.6 'import' feature is great, but what I
would like is a way to have 
ant automatically execute a predefined import. For

   ant --pre-import=common.xml --buildfile build.xml

This would behave as if build.xml started like:

   <project ...>
     <import file="common.xml" />

I am undecided at the moment of whether this makes
sense... I thought I had a use for it, but I can't at
the moment remember what it was.  :)  I suspect most
would find it dangerous to some degree...


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