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From (Edward Peloke)
Subject RE: what's wrong with this build file?
Date Wed, 31 Mar 2004 16:20:26 GMT
thanks Luis,

I will give this a try.


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From: Conelly, Luis (GNF, Contractor) []
Sent: Tuesday, March 30, 2004 11:11 AM
To: Ant Users List
Subject: RE: what's wrong with this build file?

what do you mean by  'this is the only way I can get them all to run'? Do
you want all targets run? then

$ ant zipcfmx zipactuate zipscripts

Will do the job and you do not need to chain the targets as dependent. You
can also create another target which calls the three targets and then call
this target from your command line (you can use <antcall> task to do this):

<target name="zipAll">
    <antcall target="zipcfmx "/>
    <antcall target="zipactuate "/>
    <antcall target="zipscripts"/>

and then, call your target as:

$ ant zipAll

Hope this helps


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From: []
Sent: Wednesday, March 31, 2004 8:30 AM
To: Ant Users List
Subject: what's wrong with this build file?

I have the following build file.  The zips aren't really dependent on each
other but that is the only way I can get them all to run.  If I don't make
them dependent, only one will run.  What am I doing wrong?


<project name="caddis" default="zipscripts" basedir="c:\qa build">
<property name="qabuild" value="c:\qa build"/>
<property name="builds" value="c:\builds\builds"/>

<property name="sqlscripts" value="C:\ShareCare300\SQL\Oracle\Service
Packs\Hold QA"/>

 <format property="TODAY" pattern="MMddyy" locale="us"/>

  <!--The following tasks depend on the success of the checkout task-->
        <!--Zip up the CFMX Files -->
        <target name="zipcfmx" >
        <zip destfile="${qabuild}/cfmx_dds_${TODAY}.zip"

        <!--Zip up the Actuate Files -->
        <target name="zipactuate" depends="zipcfmx">
        <zip destfile="${qabuild}/Actuate_Rox_dds_${TODAY}.zip"
         basedir="${qabuild}/Actuate Rox"

        <!--Zip up the Scripts Files -->
        <target name="zipscripts" depends="zipactuate">
        <zip destfile="${qabuild}/Scripts_dds_${TODAY}.zip"

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