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From "Graham Reeds" <>
Subject RE: Ant Books
Date Tue, 02 Mar 2004 06:21:00 GMT
> Did you want to bring in the value of your existing CLASSPATH
> environment variable from your hosting operating system, or did
> you want to define one inside your build file independent of your
> operating system CLASSPATH environment variable? It makes a difference.

Attacking it again with a clean mind has seemed to help.  It's now working.
I guess I must of missed out a certain combination of quoted and non-quoted
environment variables.

Back to the subject of Ant Books, do either give a more Web orientated

Looking at the table of contents it seems that chapters 12-18 is relevant to
me while "Ant: The Definitive Guide" seems more like a reference.

Any way - it is past my bedtime:-)

Thanks for taking an interest when all it took was a bit of patience.


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