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From "Keith Hatton" <>
Subject RE: Requiring jar files in classpath (or $ANT_HOME/lib) fortaskdefs
Date Mon, 15 Mar 2004 11:16:58 GMT
Yes, I know it's a complex area with no easy solution. I was just adding my $0.02.

Thanks for reminding me about the -lib option - I should look into that - it would be another
reason to drag people up to Ant 1.6 :)


-----Original Message-----
From: Stefan Bodewig []
Sent: 15 March 2004 11:08
Subject: Re: Requiring jar files in classpath (or $ANT_HOME/lib)

On Mon, 15 Mar 2004, Keith Hatton <> wrote:

> With respect, I think that misses the point.

Quite possible.

> The problem is, for JUnit and other Ant-optional tasks (i.e. those
> defined in some sense in ANT_HOME/lib), they won't "just work"
> without fiddling with either distro (i.e. move JUnit files -> Ant,
> or move Ant files -> JUnit).

They do if you are willing to modify CLASSPATH or use ~/.ant/lib
(thanks Peter for reminding us) or the -lib command line option.

> I understand the issues and I have no solution to offer

One solution would be to not ship the junit tasks with the Ant
distribution at all.  This would make quite a few users of Ant less

It wouldn't help you either.  You'd have to download the additional
jar into a know location (I'm simply assuming your developers need
<junit>) and adapt all those build files to point to it.  If you take
this additional step, you can as well modify the Ant installation to
not contain the jar.

With 1.6 and <antlib> we've introduced the infrastructure for a more
modular Ant.  It is very well possible that we'll start to split up
Ant into a core distribution and independent Ant libraries in the
future.  We'll still have to maintain distributions that contain all
the tasks from Ant 1.6.x for backwards compatibility reasons, but we
may have additional distribution forms that will make things easier.

We are aware of the problem, we are working towards solutions, but we
are strongly bound by our committments to backwards compatibility.


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