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From Dominique Devienne <>
Subject RE: Help! P4Change.execute hangs the process
Date Fri, 05 Mar 2004 22:05:50 GMT
> From: Clifton C. Craig []
> I think I found the problem. I need to call init() on p4change in order
> for it to work. Once I put a call in to init everything seems fine. What
> a pain! I thought project.createTask() did that for you. Oh well. One
> more lump to grow on.

Sorry I didn't understand this was your problem.

Here's how I configure helper tasks within my tasks. --DD

public class JaxbSchemaCompiler
             extends ConditionalAspect.AbstractTask {

    /** The &lt;java&gt; task to run the Jaxb schema compiler. */
    private Java _java;

    // Override Task#init
    public void init()
                throws BuildException {
        _java = new Java();
        TaskUtils.configureTask(this, _java);

public class TaskUtils {
     * Configures a helper task to be used within another task.
     * @param  parent the parent (custom) task using the helper task.
     * @param  helper the helper task to configure for use.
     * @return the configured helper task for call chaining.
    public static Task configureTask(Task parent, Task helper) {
        // Make helper share attributes of the parent

        // Initialize (and return) the helper
        return helper;

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