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From JWare Announcements <>
Subject ANN: AntXtras v0.4b2 released
Date Tue, 16 Mar 2004 04:44:48 GMT

Version 0.4 beta2 of JWare/AntXtras Foundation (AntXtras) is
available. This milestone focuses on the build-rule and
assertion framework.

o AntXtras 0.4's mission is to integrate and leverage the new
   Ant 1.6 internals. Significant new functionality has been
   rescheduled to the 0.5 release. Review the "ourplans" section
   of the site to see the features, bugfixes, etc. in the
   pipeline for subsequent AntXtras milestones.

o AntXtras 0.4 is now based on Ant 1.6.1-- it no longer works
   with the Ant 1.5.x runtime. Unfortunately, this dependency
   is necessary to efficiently solve many of the incompatibilities
   AntX 0.3 had with the new Ant plumbing and task lifecycle

About AntXtras

AntXtras is a collection of useful Ant add-on tasks organized
into five groups: build-rules, flowcontrol, feedback, helpers,
and testing-aids. We use AntXtras as the foundation for our
own in-house continuous integration environment. However, these
tasks are generally useful to anyone using Ant. See the online
'User Guide' for complete documentation.


   1. Resource bundle based messages and property management.

   2. A complete rules framework complete with assertions,
      default preferences, environment checks and tallies,
      and reusable build-rules.

   3. A complete bridge to Log4J logging system for a robust
      build monitoring system. Also includes a contributed
      package to bridge to the J2SE's Logging APIs. These
      components let you capture and map Ant log messages
      and stdio to an external system, a file, or a regular
      Ant property.

   4. A complete build fault and recovery framework. These
      components let you capture, record, and possibly
      recover from build problems.

   5. A collection of diagnostics helpers for task developers
      to test their tasks within an actual Ant execution.
      Developers can use JUnit or Ant itself as the test

Web Resources

AntXtras components overview at:
Download AntXtras from:
AntXtras release notes at:

[Mar 15, 2004]

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