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From "Dean A. Hoover" <>
Subject don't fail build on failed task
Date Mon, 22 Mar 2004 18:49:43 GMT
I am using ant to build and deploy
a webapp to tomcat. I have a deploy
task and an undeploy task. The deploy
task fails if the app is already deployed.
The undeploy task fails if the app is
not already deployed. I find myself
constantly typing: ant undeploy deploy
which works fine if the build goes ok.
If the build does not go ok I have to
type: ant deploy
since it already removed the app.
I would like to make the undeploy
task report failure to output but not
really fail. That way, I can have the
deploy task depend on the undeploy
task and simplify things. If this is in
the documentation, I cannot find it.

Here is my undeploy task:

    <target name="undeploy"
            description="Undeploy web application" depends="init">
        <undeploy url="${local.tomcat.url}"

Any takers?
Dean Hoover

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