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From David Corbin <>
Subject Re: Java implementation selector
Date Thu, 18 Mar 2004 12:42:08 GMT
On Thursday 18 March 2004 07:17, wrote:
> > I do have the source?  How can I use xdoclet to find the
> > right classes?  Also,
> > my experience with xdoclet is that it's very slow, even when
> > it has nothing
> > to do.  I think if I have to depend on xdoclet, I'd be better
> > off just always
> > doing the task in question....
> If you´re using XDoclet for generation, it´s recommended to use it
> together with Ant´s <uptodate> task. E.g. see "Java Development with Ant",
> p276.
> <target name="xdoclet.uptodate">
>     <uptodate property="xdoclet.uptodate"
> targetfile="${gen.dir}/xdoclet.tstamp">
>         <srfile dir="${src.dir}"/>
>     </uptodate>
> </target>
> <target name="xdoclet" depends="xdoclet.uptodate"
> unless="xdoclet.uptodate"> <xdoclet/>
>     <touch file="${gen.dir}/xdoclet.tstamp"/>
> </target>

And I am doing that, but this is for something complete unrelated.  There are 
many times where I've wanted to find all of the implementations of a 
particular interface.  Most of these are in fact code generation cases (which 
suggests xdoclet), but I really don't want to have to specfiy xdoclet tags.   
I just want to generate a List/Map of interface implementors.   

In the current case, what I want to do is do an uptodate analysis based on the 
implementors of a particular interface.

> Back to your problem. Of course XDoclet needs a lot of time, because it
> must create the internal information model. And that does not contain only
> object hierarchy... But it´s available. But XDoclet works on the sources.
> The other way would be to implement your own selector. Implementing the
> selector
> is not the difficult part :-) more difficult would be your check ...

I don't see that check as very hard - I'm just worried it might be slow.

> Jan

David Corbin <>

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