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Subject Re: visual studio c++ question
Date Wed, 17 Mar 2004 15:52:24 GMT
> 1) Is there a significant reduction in the build time for applications
> when 
> using ant under visual studio?  I've seen the benefits when building java
> applications but am a little unsure about them wrt visual studio.

there is a significant reduction whenever a build manager is involved in creating software.
> 2) Are the adaptors for visual studio mature and relatively reliable in
> terms of bugginess? i.e. are *lots* of real enterprise level applications
> out there built over ant and vc++?

I have used the ant-contrib tasks especially with little problems, though I am not pushing
C++ as much as java these days in terms of complexity.
> 3) has microsoft embraced the ant movement for their development 
> environment? If not, why so? I would have thought it would have been 
> mutually beneficial for both organisations to embrace the technology if
> it 

they embraced it so much, they made their own called MSBUILD, should be out sometime soon

> 4) what are the pain points wrt ant and visual studio?

not sure if there is any direct/indirect integration with Ant and visual studio, though once
again I dont use visual studio for writing visual c++ code. I have found that using eclipse
is an enjoyable experience.

gl, Jim Fuller

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