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From "Tim Gordon" <>
Subject Constructing a file with a repeating group
Date Thu, 18 Mar 2004 13:35:40 GMT
I'm trying to construct a jnlp file where the list of jars in the
resources section is partially driven from a property, such as

<property name="module.jars" value="app1.jar,app2.jar"/>

What I'm after in my produced file is something like:

    <j2se version="1.4" max-heap-size="192m"/>
    <jar href="core.jar" download="eager"/>
    <jar href="app1.jar" download="eager"/>
    <jar href="app2.jar" download="eager"/>

Any ideas? There's effectively a static header with a repeating line
templatised by a parameter and a static footer.

Unfortunately you can't use entities in jnlp files, otherwise this would
have been pretty easy.
I'm using Ant-contrib and Antelope too, if that fuels anyone's


Tim Gordon

Allustra Limited
85 Gracechurch Street
Tel 020 7469 8640
Fax 020 7469 8689 

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