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From Craig Fleming <>
Subject dirset too general
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2004 07:42:30 GMT
Hey there,

I have a rather interesting directory structure that isn't compiling
so nice with Ant. Something similar to:


In order to compile properly I have two paths:

<path id="notcommon1">
	<dirset dir="/common">
		<include name="." />
		<include name="notcommon1" />

<path id="notcommon2">
	<dirset dir="/common">
		<include name="." />
		<include name="notcommon2" />

When I run javac on these two sets of files, in the first case I
expect all the files in /common, and all the files in
/common/notcommon1 to compile, and NONE of the files in
/common/notcommon2. (And vice versa for the second path). The problem
is that it doesn't seem to like the "." and any other way I try to do
it compiles the entire directory structure together. I also tried
including <exclude name="notcommon2" /> in the first path, but it
ignored it.

Thanks for reading :)

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