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Subject Re: Ant Build Problems
Date Fri, 06 Feb 2004 09:12:27 GMT
that information is ok with me..but atleast i should find some jar created
whether it works or problem is it gives a build failed 
message,followed by that information
and doesnt build anything..but its able to create a war file..

Pavan Kumar
Tata Consultancy Services

Conor MacNeill <> 
02/06/2004 03:48 AM

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Re: Ant Build Problems

On Fri, 6 Feb 2004 03:09:30 -0500, <> wrote:

> jan,
> the directory structure is same as that u specified..
> this is the target portion which is failing..Pls look at the fail 
> node
> i said this build.xml is generated by jbuilder..
> <target depends="resource" name="ejb">
>     <fail message="The &quot;Include class dependencies&quot; feature of
> JBuilder archives is not directly supported by Ant.  The JAR created by
> Ant may not have some required classes."/>
>     <fail message="If you do not select the EJB Group's &quot;Copy
> descriptors&quot; option, this Ant build file is referencing an out of
> date or non-existent version of the deployment descriptors"/>

As far as I can tell, JBuilder has inserted <fail> tasks to indicate to 
you that Ant may not generate the same jar as JBuilder would, since 
JBuilder's jar building features includes dependent classes.

You must decide if and how you want to handle it. You can remove the 
<fail> statements. It's a bit like signing a waiver. "Yes, I understand 
and I want to do it anyway". If you go that route you can look at Ant 
features such as the <classfileset> to achieve something similar to the 
feature JBuilder provides.

You should also probably consider discussing this with Borland support 
since this is not really an Ant issue.


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