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From Dominique Devienne <>
Subject RE: Any examples of how we can simplify ant build.xml with templa tes (?)
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2004 15:16:54 GMT
> From: Erik Hatcher []
> Is there a way to call "super" in this scenario without using <antcall>?
> Another interesting trick is to define "abstract" targets in the super
> build which require implementation in the sub build.  So rather than
> overriding targets, I think I prefer to define pre abstract targets.

Too bad you weren't there during the discussions Erik. I argued for a
<super> to no avail. I also argued against requiring derived scripts
(the importer build files) to know about the project names used by the
importee build files, again to no avail... (for the use of
<importee name>.<target name> in depends attribute). This breaks
encapsulation in a bad way!

I also thought about the abstract target idiom, to allow using the
template method (target) pattern, but given my inability to get the
first two issues heard, I didn't even go there...

I've very happy to have <import> is Ant 1.6, but it's fundamentally
broken IMHO. Given how difficult it was to get it out there, I just
gave up on getting it right (in my opinion of course... obviously
other people disagreed with me!).

Kudos to Peter for getting <import> through in these conditions. --DD

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