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From Lauzon Daniel-Y18165 <>
Subject RE: latestCommons-net.jar+ant1.6+ftp+download+msftpsever@eitherEn d=jakarta-oro-2.0.8.jar/
Date Mon, 09 Feb 2004 21:02:55 GMT
This was my exact situation. 
It is uncommon enough and the loophole it revealed in the doc will be temporary enough 
for this info to loose its worth soon. 
But if you are using:
the latest commons-net.jar and
ant1.6 and
a MS ftp server at either (or both) end(s) .o0(mine was at the "download to" end)
and you want to download stuff from a remote server:
It just won't happen
Unless you get a hold of:
jakarta-oro-some.recent.version.jar (mine was 2.0.8 and it worked great for me)

Special thanks once more to Antoine who saved my day

Lauzon Daniel-Y18165 wrote:

>All kneel at once before the great Antoine, the savior the enlightened one, the chosen
>And may the drafter of the ftp dependencies in the ant doc be doomed for ever (I hope
these two are not the same guy)
>Thanks very much Antoine, you made my day, I invite all ant newbies to bug you
>U R the 1!
Thanks Daniel,
unfortunately I am both a maintainer of the ftp task and of the ftp 

Since I had jakarta-oro in my $ANT_HOME/lib since a long time, I did not 
find out that ftp actually needs jakarta-oro until another user of ant 
stumbled against the same problem a short while ago.

But yes, the requirement for jakarta-oro will be in the doc for ant 
1.6.1, although I thought one only needed jakarta-oro with recent 
versions of commons-net and when one wants to ftp from/to a MS ftp server.

Will need to simplify the equation, just say that ftp needs jakarta-oro 
& commons-net.



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