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From "Chon, Ae H" <>
Subject Using Ant's Entity task : issues with directory with spaces.
Date Thu, 26 Feb 2004 16:15:43 GMT
I'm running into an interesting senerio with using Entity task to include
XML file fragment.  My OS environment is "Windows 2000".

Snippet of my build script that shows an example of how i'm using Entity:

	<!DOCTYPE project [
		<!ENTITY common-properties SYSTEM
		<!ENTITY common-VB-targets SYSTEM "file:../../build/Build
Scripts/ant/Tasklib/TargetsVBbuild.xml" >

I'm having problems with ANT not being able to find XML file fragment when
the directory name has spaces in it's path.  The message that i'm getting is
the following...

	D:\Projects\CODISmp\Software Development Folders\SDF CODIS
Common\..\..\build\Build%20Scripts\ant\Tasklib\TargetsVBbuild.xml could not
be found

I'm not getting this message for "common-properties.xml" file since it
doesn't have directory with spaces.  I tested to see if i replaced the space
with a "-" would remove the message.  That did fixed the problem and ANT
didn't complain that the file "could not be found".

Lastly, although it is generating "could not be found" message, it seems to
pull in the XML fragment file since the build does complete successfully.

Is this a known bug?

It isn't critical to my build since it builds successfully although it
returns "could not be found" message.  It is confusing to see that message
since it looks like the XML fragment isn't being pulled in.

Ae Hwa

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