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From (Scott 2RP789)
Subject XmlProperty, validate and DTD's
Date Tue, 24 Feb 2004 04:22:13 GMT
I am trying to use XmlProperty on ANT Version 1.5.4. I can't use a newer version of ANT. The
xml file that I am trying to parse includes a DTD filename. Even if I specify validate="false"
- it still trys to find the DTD file. Unfortunately, ANT is looking for the DTD file in the
base directory of the of the parent build file (I'm using cascading build files) - and that
isn't where its at! I guess the behavior is all messed up at this version.

XmlProperty was the right tool for the task at hand (no pun intended) - anybody have any good
ideas on how to get around my problem or some alternative solution? 



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