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From "Anderson, Kajsa" <>
Subject RE: Help Needed
Date Tue, 24 Feb 2004 17:26:19 GMT
Normally VSS expects only checked out files to be writable, so it considers
a writable file to be checked out by you.  I assume you mean <vssget> when
you say vssfetch...  I think writeablefiles="skip" is probably what you're
looking for.  The side effect is that if for some reason you change a file
that's not checked out to be writeable, VSS would skip updating it.  As I
understand it, the limitations on the vss tasks are limitations of the
underlying VSS command line tool (though I haven't had as much time to poke
at them as I would like)...

Regarding your 2nd question, I've found it much simpler to download the
binary distributions, so I can't help you there.

Kajsa Anderson

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From: Deepak Uppoor []
Sent: Tuesday, February 24, 2004 11:10 AM
Subject: RE: Help Needed

I am using ant script for building my project. Ant Version: 1.6
But I am facing some minor issues which potentially are having very high
impact. Please help me on the following is the list of issues:
·       At the time of getting the sources from VSS there may have been some
files which are checked out by me. Daily I would dump the sources to the
same place in my machine where I have checked out the files also. So
overwriting the files would make me loose the changes that I have made in
the local file. My requirement is I don't want to loose these changes. I
could find the option of "writablefiles" in vssfetch command for this
purpose. But I can not relate a file being writable to the fact that it is
checked out by me. So is there a way to find out those files which have been
checked out by me and skip getting them while fetching the other sources? I
did search but could not get anything related to mentioning the name of the
person who has checked out the file.
·       I have created the ant binary from source, but while doing so there
were some warnings/errors in creating the java documentation. The total size
of the output on the console was so huge that I could not see the entire
listing. But there were some regarding the java documentation. Can this be
reliable for use? 
Please reply with the answers for these queries ASAP.

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