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From Shreyaswini Ramaswamy <>
Subject mtxslt error
Date Fri, 13 Feb 2004 22:15:04 GMT

   I am using <mtxslt> to parse an xml file (input.xml) to output.xml 
using converter.xsl. The xsl file is stored in C:\test\files and the 
required .jar files(saxon.jar, xalan2.jar and mtxslt-1.5.jar) are 
placed in C:\test\files\ext directory. I have not included any of the 
jars in my classpath. When I run the code, I get the following error:

Buid falied: C:/test/build.xml: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: 

However, I am NOT getting this error when I include mtxslt-1.5.jar in 
my classpath. 

The code looks like this:

	<property name="files.dir" value="files"/>
	<property name="files.ext" value="${files.dir}/ext"/>
	<taskdef name="mtxslt" 

			<fileset dir="${files.dir}/ext">
				<include name="mtxslt-1.5.jar"/>


	<property name="saxon6" 
	<property name="saxon6.classpath" value="${files.ext}/saxon.jar"/>

	<target name="saxon6">
		<mtxslt processor="${saxon6}" in="${files.dir}/input.xml" 
style="${files.dir}/converter.xsl" out="output.xml" 
			<param name="target" expression="saxon"/>

What could be wrong? Any help would be appreciated.

Shreya Ramaswamy

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