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From Antoine Lévy-Lambert <>
Subject Re: Inverting patternsets
Date Sat, 28 Feb 2004 23:29:03 GMT
David Corbin wrote:

>Since a partern set is a bunch of inclusions/exclusions, I think it would be 
>nice to be able to say "exclude everything that is in this patternset".
>I'll often define an inclusion-based patternset, that I would like to use to 
>create (for example) a jar.   Then I want to exclude those very same thing in 
>creating another jar.
>Is there any way to do this?
Hi David,

being able to negate a patternset seems to be on the wish list of 
several people.

Ant does not offer this possiblity, but there is a very similar 
possibility using selectors :

<selector id="prodclasses">
      <filename name="org/foo/prod/**.class"/>

<!-- select all the prodclasses -->
<fileset dir="classes">
     <selector refid="prodclasses"/>

<!-- select all the other classes (may be testcases, ...) --->
<fileset dir="classes">
           <selector refid="prodclasses"/>

The <filename/> selector is very similar to patternsets, but can be 
combined with logical operators <or>, <not>, <and>.
Also the scanning of filesets containing very specific patternsets such 
as <include name="some/very/long/long/path"/> is optimized
The use of selectors does not provoke any optimization, in the absence 
of specific include patternsets, ant scans a whole directory,
storing into an array the files which match the selector conditions.



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