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From Evan Easton <>
Subject Expanding <import> override rules to types?
Date Thu, 19 Feb 2004 17:50:21 GMT
With ant 1.6's import is there any hope that the override rules for 
targets will be applied to type's?  For example, if I define a  <fileset 
id="foo" ...>...</fileset>  with a shared build file then import it from 
another build file, it would be nice to be able to override fileset with 
id foo with the following benefits:

- Wouldn't get the message "Overriding previous definition of reference 
to foo" in this case
- Could still reference the overridden fileset using   

Any chance this can be done for types instead of only allowing  it for 

For backward compatibility, I suppose you could continue to issue the 
"Overriding previous..." message, but the behavior would still be the 
same  (memory usage would be higher of course).


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