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From "Alexey N. Solofnenko" <>
Subject Re: Calling Ant from a Java main?
Date Fri, 13 Feb 2004 15:48:36 GMT
I would  put every <ant> into a separate target, specify dependency 
between them, if any and run them with "-k" option. For my builds I 
wrote a build log analyzer that produces an HTML report about the build.

- Alexey.

DDU DUQUENNOY Didier wrote:

>I'm (still) trying to automate the run of the junit tests of all my modules, running Ant
1.6.0 on a Windows 2000 machine.
>Each module has a build.xml script with a 'test' task defined. The test task first compile
the classes and then run a junit task which outputs a XML file.
>I want to be able to invoke all these tasks and then build a report using <junitreport>.
>The problem I'm facing are:
>- if a module doesn't compile, I want the next module to be tested. 
>- if a module doesn't compile I'd like to be able to see it in the final report
>I first thought of a main script like this :
>  <target name="runtests" depends="clean">
>    <ant dir="${root}/module1" target="test"/>
>    <ant dir="${root}/module2" target="test"/>
>    [...]
>  </target>
>but it isn't OK because the run will stop if a module doesn't compile.
>So I though of writing a main java class to call my ant scripts. I should then be able
to detect the failure of a test a do what I want then.
>Here are the techniques I tried:
>- use java.lang.Runtime.exec(<cmd line>) : I go asynchronous and I can't check the
state of the run
>- use : the first script runs, but it seems that
there is a System.exit() after :-(
>- use or a ProjectHelper to build the project :
>      ProjectHelper.getProjectHelper();
>      Project project = new Project();
>      helper.parse(project, xmlFile);
>      Target target = (Target)targetTable.get("test");
>      target.execute();
>  but I get an error "Could not create task or type of type: junit". But junit.jar and
all the contents of Ant1.6/lib is in my classpath
>- use of to simulate a <ant dir="${root}/module1"
target="test"/> :
>      Ant antTask = new Ant();
>      antTask.setProject(new Project());
>      antTask.setAntfile(xmlFile);
>      antTask.setTarget("test");
>      antTask.execute();
>  but I get an error "Could not create task or type of type: property". (???)
>Well, how can I do the trick?
>Didier D
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