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From "Mikael Petterson (KI/EAB)" <>
Subject Compile target seems to be skipped even with clean
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2004 13:57:49 GMT

I am running Apache Ant version 1.5.4.
I execute first "clean" and then "all" targets.
I have the following build.xml ( see below) and when  "compile" target is to be run (since
I have made a "clean") it seems to be skipped. Any ideas why?

All hints are greatly appreciated!



Part of log
    [javac] bros.xml skipped - don't know how to handle it

      [jar] Building jar: /vobs/rbs/sw/rbssw1/boam_subsys/test_boamss/bros_swb/
      [jar] adding directory META-INF/
      [jar] adding entry META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
     [copy] Copying 1 file to /vobs/rbs/sw/rbssw1/simcello/mp_lm
     [copy] Copying /vobs/rbs/sw/rbssw1/boam_subsys/test_boamss/bros_swb/
to /vobs/rbs/sw/rbssw1/simcello/mp_lm/bros.jar


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- Written to assume that classpath is rooted in the current directory. -->
<!-- So this should be OK if you make this script in the root of a filesystem. -->
<!-- If not, you may prefer to adjust the basedir, or move some directories around. -->
<!-- The idea is that both Ant and NetBeans have to know what the package root is -->
<!-- for the classes in your application.

  Revision: 2004-01-09 eraonel Restructuring to make more robust build of bros. 

<project basedir="." default="all" name="bros">

    <!-- Don't worry if you don't know the Ant syntax completely or need help on some tasks!
    <!-- The standard Ant documentation can be downloaded from AutoUpdate and -->
    <!-- and then you can access the help in menu Help | Help Sets | Ant 1.5.1 Manual.

    <target name="init" description="initialization of variables">
        <!-- Directories - BOAM -->
        <property name="boam.dir" value="/vobs/rbs/sw/rbssw1/boam_subsys"/>
        <property name="boam.src.dir" value="${boam.dir}/src"/> 
        <property name="boam.classes.dir" value="${boam.dir}/classes"/> 
        <property name="boam.jar.dir" value="${boam.dir}/"/>

        <!-- Directories - BROS -->
        <property name="bros.bin.dir" value="../bin"/>
        <property name="bros.classes.dir" value="../classes"/>
        <property name="bros.jar.dir" value="../"/>
        <property name="bros.log.dir" value="../log"/>
        <property name="simcello.dir" value="/vobs/rbs/sw/rbssw1/simcello/mp_lm"/>

        <!-- Jar files -->
        <property name="bros.jar" value="${}.jar"/>
        <property name="boam.jar" value="boam.jar"/>

        <!--Libraries -->
        <property name="cma" value="/vobs/cello/struct/cello_dp/lib/jvm/cma.jar"/>
        <property name="foundation" value="/vobs/cello/struct/cello_dp/lib/jvm/foundation.jar"/>
        <property name="oms" value="/vobs/cello/struct/cello_dp/lib/jvm/oms.jar"/>
        <property name="vbjorb" value="/vobs/cello/struct/cello_dp/lib/jvm/vbjorb.jar"/>
        <property name="asms" value="/vobs/cello/struct/cello_dp/lib/jvm/install_stubbed/asms.jar"/>
        <property name="boam" value="${boam.jar.dir}/${boam.jar}"/>
        <!-- Echoing version information -->
        <echo message="Java version is ${}"/>
        <echo message="${ant.version}"/>
        <echo message="Running on os ${}"/>
        <echo message="Working on preparing ${}"/>
        <!-- Creating directories -->
        <mkdir dir="${boam.classes.dir}"/>
        <mkdir dir="${boam.jar.dir}"/>
        <mkdir dir="${bros.jar.dir}"/>
        <mkdir dir="${bros.classes.dir}"/>
        <mkdir dir="${bros.log.dir}"/>

    <target depends="init" name="build_dependencies" description="building dependent jar:s">
     <javac debug="true" deprecation="true" destdir="${boam.classes.dir}" srcdir="${boam.src.dir}">
            <classpath><pathelement path="${cma}"/></classpath>
            <classpath><pathelement path="${foundation}"/></classpath>
            <classpath><pathelement path="${oms}"/></classpath>
            <classpath><pathelement path="${vbjorb}"/></classpath>
            <classpath><pathelement path="${asms}"/></classpath>
            <exclude name="se/ericsson/wcdma/rbs/boam/pms/tb/"/>
            <exclude name="se/ericsson/wcdma/rbs/boam/conv/"/>
     <jar basedir="${boam.classes.dir}" compress="true" jarfile="${boam.jar.dir}/${boam.jar}">
            <exclude name="**/*.java"/>
            <exclude name="${boam.jar.dir}"/>

    <target depends="init,build_dependencies" name="compile" description="compiling java
source files">
        <javac debug="true" deprecation="true" destdir="${bros.classes.dir}" srcdir=".">
            <classpath><pathelement path="${cma}"/></classpath>
            <classpath><pathelement path="${foundation}"/></classpath>
            <classpath><pathelement path="${oms}"/></classpath>
            <classpath><pathelement path="${vbjorb}"/></classpath>
            <classpath><pathelement path="${asms}"/></classpath>
            <classpath><pathelement path="${boam.jar.dir}/${boam.jar}"/></classpath>

    <target depends="init,compile" name="jar" description="create jar file of classes">
        <jar basedir="${bros.classes.dir}" compress="true" jarfile="${bros.jar.dir}/${bros.jar}">
            <exclude name="**/*.java"/>
            <exclude name="${bros.jar.dir}"/>
        <copy file="${bros.jar.dir}/${bros.jar}" todir="${simcello.dir}"/>

    <target depends="init" name="eclipse_preps" description="Fake a matching dir. and pkg.
structure for eclipse">
     <exec executable="sh" os="SunOS, Linux, Solaris" output="${bros.log.dir}/brosFolders.txt">
      <arg value="${bros.bin.dir}/"/>

    <target depends="init,jar,eclipse_preps" description="Build everything and make a jar."
        <echo message="Application ${} finished"/>

    <target depends="init" description="Clean all build products, classes and jar:s" name="clean">
            <fileset dir="${bros.classes.dir}">
                <include name="**/*.class"/>
            <fileset dir="${boam.classes.dir}">
                <include name="**/*.class"/>
    <delete file="${bros.jar.dir}/${bros.jar}"/>
    <delete file="${boam.jar.dir}/${boam.jar}"/>


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