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From Dave Kavanagh <>
Subject Re: regexp mapper with full path
Date Thu, 12 Feb 2004 16:05:03 GMT
Thanks, Peter.
I managed to figure this out a couple days ago... good stuff to know about.
Now, I'd like to know how to do something similar.
I have a <patternset> with an ID that I use in a couple places. It represents a 
list of .class files. I have a need to have the same list, but with the .java 
extension instead. Is there an easy way to define two pattern sets that are 
based off the same list? I could dup the includes/excludes, changing the class 
to java manually, but that isn't as clean. The <mapper> would be a good fit, 
but I don't see that it is an option in this case.


Quoting Peter Reilly <>:

> Sorry for the delay:
> You need to add the dirst to the "to" attribute.
> For the most part, mapper's are given the filename relative
> to the fileset that the file comes from and from that generate
> a new relative path. The new path needs to be may absolute:
> example:
> <property name="target.dir" location="build/classes"/>
> <uptodate property="j.uptodate">
>     <srcfile dir="${java.src"} includes="**/*.java"/>
>     <mapper type="regexp" from="^(.*)\.java$$"
> to="${target.dir}/\1.class"/>
> </uptodate>
> Peter
> Dave Kavanagh wrote:
> >I've been trying to solve a problem using the regexp mapper, but in case it
> >isn't the right path to take, I'll restate the problem first...
> >
> >I'm using the AspectJ compiler for some files in a rather large project. The
> >compiler is pretty slow in incremental mode, so it runs over the whole src
> >tree, loading all the files, then weaving the few that need it. (using the
> ><iajc> task).
> >We try to cut down on how often this gets used by having an <uptodate> check
> >run first. We were comparing the src files with the final jar output. I'm 
> >trying to make the check smarter by checking just the bean source files that
> >need to be weaved with the resulting class files. I've seen mapper examples,
> >but they seem to assume the source and class files are in the same
> directory
> >(something like this)
> >
> ><uptodate property="iajc.uptodate">
> >  <srcfiles dir="${devsrc.dir}" includes="**/*.java,**/*.aj"/>
> >  <mapper type="regexp" from="^(.*)\.java$$" to="\1.class"/>
> ></uptodate>
> >
> >
> >I actually run javac on all except the beans in question so this check
> should 
> >catch everything that wasn't compiled with javac. The problem is that we
> have 
> >src in ${devsrc.dir} and the classes in ${build.classes.dir}. I can think of
> >how to write a regexp for this, but who does that integrate with the whole
> ><uptodate> and <srcfiles> construct?
> >
> >Thanks,
> >
> >David
> >

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