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From Dave Kavanagh <>
Subject regexp mapper with full path
Date Thu, 05 Feb 2004 12:55:13 GMT
I've been trying to solve a problem using the regexp mapper, but in case it 
isn't the right path to take, I'll restate the problem first...

I'm using the AspectJ compiler for some files in a rather large project. The 
compiler is pretty slow in incremental mode, so it runs over the whole src 
tree, loading all the files, then weaving the few that need it. (using the 
<iajc> task).
We try to cut down on how often this gets used by having an <uptodate> check 
run first. We were comparing the src files with the final jar output. I'm 
trying to make the check smarter by checking just the bean source files that 
need to be weaved with the resulting class files. I've seen mapper examples, 
but they seem to assume the source and class files are in the same directory
(something like this)

<uptodate property="iajc.uptodate">
  <srcfiles dir="${devsrc.dir}" includes="**/*.java,**/*.aj"/>
  <mapper type="regexp" from="^(.*)\.java$$" to="\1.class"/>

I actually run javac on all except the beans in question so this check should 
catch everything that wasn't compiled with javac. The problem is that we have 
src in ${devsrc.dir} and the classes in ${build.classes.dir}. I can think of 
how to write a regexp for this, but who does that integrate with the whole 
<uptodate> and <srcfiles> construct?



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