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From "Baz" <>
Subject Question about property files... Re: Comment in my Ant build structure please? <import> and <subant>
Date Sat, 07 Feb 2004 14:46:31 GMT

How can i use a property file? Meaning, can i load a property files from
other directories? How?

The reason i asked is because when I do it in cygwin with the structure i
mentioned in the email. xServer/build.xml IMPORTs../../../common.xml and
common.xml LOADs file. When I do a "ant -v", it indicates
that it is looking for a property file in Windows' user directory instead of
../../../ directory and of course, the properties are not filled out.

What is the correct way to do it if I am going to use the following



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From: "Baz" <>
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Sent: Friday, February 06, 2004 9:39 PM
Subject: Comment in my Ant build structure please? <import> and <subant>

> All,
> Would anyone please comment my ant build structure? I am trying to have
> build.xml in different level of the tree so that it can be built from top
> and also individual and also dependently. Here it goes:
> /src/client
>             /build.xml
> /src/server
>             /build.xml
>             /common.xml
>             /
>             /
>             /src
>                 /java
>                         /xServer/build.xml
>                         /yServer/build.xml
> Here are the list of items i need comments on:
> 1. There are three main build.xml. /src/server/build.xml calls different
> targets of /src/server/src/java/xServer/build.xml and
> /src/server/src/java/yServer/build.xml with <subant> and specific targets.
> 2.  xServer/build.xml and yServer/build.xml use <import
> file="../../../common.xml"> to import file common.xml. common.xml contains
> all functions like generic targets such as "compile" and "test".
> can declare their own "compile" target in xServer/build.xml if they want.
> How is this structure?
> Thanks
> B.
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