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From "Daniel M. Bikel" <>
Subject variable license file?
Date Wed, 14 Jan 2004 18:00:26 GMT
Hi.  I have a build.xml file that, among other things, builds an entire
distributable version of my software, including source code.  This includes
copying a license text file, as well as inserting the lines of that license
into an install shell script (just like the J2SDK install script, which
cat's the JDK license and asks the user if he/she agrees).

Anyway, here's my question: I want to distribute *two* versions of my
software, one version with source with one license and one version without
source code with a different license.  It's easy to build a second target
that doesn't copy the source code to a "dist" directory, but currently, I
have a property that specifies where this LICENSE text file lives in my
project hierarchy.  I have just read
which makes it very clear that properties are *immutable*.  So, after this
(unfortunately long) preface, here's my question: how do you accomplish
what I want to do?  Do I need to use the Condition task somehow?

If I were using make, I would simply redefine my ${deploy.license} variable
that specifies the relative path of my license file before building the
distributable.  But I can't do that in Ant.

Thanks in advance!


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