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From "Melzer, Steven" <>
Subject Custom task cannot see classpath
Date Fri, 09 Jan 2004 19:54:25 GMT
under ant 1.5.x i created a custom task that did some work with weblogic.  i included the weblogic.jar
in the ANT_HOME/lib directory and all worked well.

i upgraded to ant 1.6.0 yesterday, put the weblogic.jar in the ANT_HOME/lib dreictory and
my custom task started failing with a ClassNotFoundException because it could not find a class
from the weblogic.jar package.

i understand now that the classpath isn't "assembled" in the batch script, but rather by the
class loader within the Launcher class within Ant.  however, why doesn't my custom task see
that class?  is it using a different class loader for custom tasks?  how do i get my custom
task to see the weblogic jar?

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