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From "Daniels, Doug" <Doug.Dani...@GDC4S.Com>
Subject FileSet includesfile attribute, including files with a leading /, reading arguments from a file then passing to <java..>
Date Mon, 26 Jan 2004 19:44:45 GMT
I'm trying to use FileSet to grab a bunch of files from a file, and pass it
as an argument to a <java ...> task.

The file, /project/vobs/project/data/client/file_list looks like this:

Here is what I've tried to do:
  <property name="clientAdaptationXMLDir"
value="/project/vobs/project/data/client" />
  <path id="clientXMLFiles">
   	<fileset dir="/"
includesfile="${clientAdaptationXMLDir}/client_files" >
<!-- convert path to a property -->
  <property name="clientXMLFiles" refid="clientXMLFiles" />

<target name="compileClientXML">
    <echo message="ClientXMLFILES: ${clientXMLFiles}" />
    <java dir="${ProjectBin}" fork="true" classpathref="project.class.path"
classname="${ProjectJavaPackageRoot}.persistence.dataAccess.DataAccess" >
	<arg line="-h ${clientXMLFiles}" />

When it runs it lists nothing when it tries to echo the ${clientXMLFiles}.
If I remove a leading "/" from one of the listed files in file_list, then it
will be included in the FileSet. 

I'm wondering is there an easier way to just read in the contents of the
file and pass it straight up as an argument to the <java ..> task within

Douglas Daniels
email: doug.daniels _AT_ 
email2: u_ddaniels _AT_

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