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From Jacob Kjome <>
Subject Re: Default XSLT Processor?
Date Sat, 10 Jan 2004 01:09:34 GMT
At 04:41 PM 1/9/2004 -0800, you wrote:
>Which XSLT processor does ANT use by default?
>(I'm using 1.5.4 with Sun JDK 1.4.1)

JDK1.4.x includes an old version of Xalan.  As such, the default parser 
will be that old version of Xalan, unless you provide a newer one using the 
endorsed override mechanism (put a new xalan.jar in 
JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/endorsed).  There is probably also a way to use a 
different processor by setting a system property, but I'm not sure what 
that property is???  BTW, if you use the endorsed override mechanism, I 
suggest you use Xalan from the "2jars" distribution.  The other one (which 
is bigger) includes an old version of BCEL which can interfere with 
applications that use newer versions of BCEL.  This happened to me when 
working with the "enhancer" Ant task provided by the Lido JDO 
implementation from LIBeLIS.  It reported a NoSuchMethodException until I 
used the Xalan jar without BCEL.  Oh, and BCEL is used in Xalan these days 
for XSLTC.  But you can provide BCEL separately on the classpath if you 
want to work with that.


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