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From Peter Reilly <>
Subject Re: Generating java files selectively from IDL files using <depen d> a nd <mapper> type glob
Date Fri, 30 Jan 2004 15:13:01 GMT
Dominique Devienne wrote:

>>From: Peter Reilly []
>>>>From: Daniels, Doug [mailto:Doug.Daniels@GDC4S.Com]
>>>>I wish there was a way to directly use the <uptodate> task
>>>>to retrieve the files that aren't uptodate.
>>>I've long since given up on <uptodate>, and use the great
>>><outofdate> task from Peter, in Ant-Contrib. Was designed
>>>to replace Makefile rules, so maybe it has the equivalent
>>>to $? for only the out of dates files.
>>The outoutdate task can set the files that are outofdate in a <path>
>>reference using the "outputsourcespath" attribute.
>>More tasks however only accept filesets, so the path needs to be
>>converted to a fileset using ant-contribs pathtofileset task.
>>However this makes for quite messy build scripts.
>>An example is given in:
>Thanks Peter. Might not be an ideal solution, but if it works,
>it's quite compact and efficient code.
>Does <outofdate> support setting the <targets> from the sources
>and a <mapper>? In the use case of a one-to-one mapping for example?
Yes  - outputtargetspath sets a reference to a path that contains all 
the targets
that need to be updated and alltargetspath sets a reference to a path that
contains all the targets.
Note that this is not very usefull as filesets cannot contain files that
do not exist and so <pathtofileset> in this situation will not make a 
that contains targets that need to be created.

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