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From "Jack J. Woehr" <>
Date Thu, 29 Jan 2004 07:15:17 GMT
Pritesh saharey wrote:

> Hello,
>        I would like to know What is the role of build engineer in a organisation, is
there any full time Build engineer or just developer themselves write their build files and
the work goes on.
> As i hardly see any job requriment for BUILD ENGINEERS, thats why i am bit confused.

As projects get larger, it is sometimes useful to have one individual in charge of

   * reconciling all build issues
   * writing the master build file and correcting the individual build files
   * automating and maintaing the daily build
   * evaluating and distributing information about the results of the daily build

It is possible that the style of organizing labor which is employed in the occidental world
is not applicable to eastern organizations: we tend to task a specific individual every time
we identify a production nexus. Each individual may "wear many hats", that is,
take on many specific roles in the production process.

In a more collective and labor-intensive society, it is possible that collaborative "huddles"
over such issues are more practical than assigning responsibility to one person, an individual
who then might draw fire down upon himself and be seen as attempting to be a chief or obstruction
in the the middle of the development process.

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