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From Antoine Lévy-Lambert <>
Subject Re: Telling DirectoryScanner to scan each directory separately.
Date Mon, 26 Jan 2004 09:21:10 GMT
Antony paul wrote:

> Hi all,
>   I am writing a custom task which needs to get the list of included 
> files for each directory but not any subdirectory and files inside it. 
> First I have to get all included directories which is set in the build 
> file. Then I will scan each individual directory to get the included 
> files. While scanning a directory I dont want to get any subdirectory 
> name or files in subdirectory. How to do this.
This snippet is really for ant 1.6.0, because the type selector has been 
introduced in 1.6.0

If you do not want to include subdirectories in a fileset, do something 
like :

<fileset dir="somedir" id="myfileset">
    <!-- this include pattern includes only files and dirs under somedir -->
    <include name="*"/>
    <!-- exclude directories -->
        <type type="dir"/>

if you have put such a snippet in a build file, for which you have 
created a Project object,
you can get the reference back to your fileset with

Reference r = getProject().getReference("myfileset");
FileSet myFileset = (FileSet) r.getReferencedObject();

 > I am using 1.5.4. Custome task is extending MatchingTask. Also a 
minor problem. I am using the same build file to compile and run the 
custom task. First compile, make it a jar, copy the jar file to 
ANT_HOME\lib directory >then call the target to run the task. If I run 
the task in one step it will run the old class file. I have to launch 
ant a second time to run the newly copied task. Is it possible to 
compile and run it in one step ?.

You might want to wrap your build process in a script or .bat file and 
separate the compilation/jarring of the custom task, and the use of the 
custom task. (Just my feeling).


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