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From Glen <>
Subject specifying classpath for optional jars in build.xml
Date Sun, 25 Jan 2004 23:59:36 GMT
Is there any way to specify the classpath to use for the optional jars 
inside the build.xml?  I.e. I want to specify the location of say 
antlr.jar (or netcomponents.jar) in the build.xml rather than place them 
in the ANT_HOME/lib folders.  Is this possible while still using the 
defauilt optional tasks?

The issue I am having is we have many developer's each working on 
multiple projects.  We want to specify the jar to use via the project.  
To give a specific example we use antlr and some projects need an older 
version of antlr and some a newer.  Which means each developer must have 
either multiple installs of ant (ick!!!) or we define a new task 
<antlrx> with the specific version needed in the classpath for the task 
def (less ick but still icky).  This is NOT isolated to ANTLR (it is 
with junit, jdepend, and others). 

What I am trying to do is setup our build.xml's so we can revert to a 
version of the project in version control and generate the exact same 
build using the exact same versions of tools (antlr, junit, jdepend) 
that the original build was done with.  One way I don't want to do this 
is have ANT itself in the build system this is because most developer's 
use the ant installed with the ide.

TIA for any clever ways around this.... 

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