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From "Clifton C. Craig" <>
Subject Re: Javac task skips inner classes
Date Fri, 23 Jan 2004 20:24:08 GMT
Thanks Doug ,

You make a good point and I will look into the CLASSPATH to make sure 
there are no issues there. I still don't understand primarily how a 
class file can be partially compiled but I know it's happening in our 
case. The sequence of events is:
1. Delete the build output directory.
2. Run a full build which passes a fileset with all of our .java files 
to <javac>
3. <javac> fails due to a minor bug leaving some files non-compiled
4. I inspect the output folder to discover the .class missing its inner 

I look a little deeper into this. Thanks.

Clifton C. Craig, Software Engineer
Intelligent Computer Systems -  A Division of GBG
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Lancaster, PA  17603

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Doug Lochart wrote:

>Not knowing how your development procedure is laid out I can only comment on
>how I do it.
>First off I separate code as best I can into cohesive projects being very
>careful about cross project
>dependencies.  Thus I don't have to compile everything all the time unless I
>am doing a release.
>When I want to compile everything fresh I have a CVS deployment repository
>that contains ant
>deploymnet scripts for each major product that we have.  From there I select
>a product and kick off
>a build.  This will delete all files for that project in the cvs working
>directory and then do a fresh checkout
>from CVS of the source and then do a rebuild.  If you don't have a structure
>like this you can still accomplish this by
>creating a "clean" target that deletes all class files (and jars) from your
>classes directory or wherever they happen to
>live when they are built.
>As an aside your inner class problem may reside in your classpath but this
>is only a theory.
>We maintain jars for each project that is built.  When a project is being
>rebuilt if you include that jar in your classpath (by mistake or design)
>javac may find it in the jar and not rebuild it.  It may rebuild the main
>class based on dependency rules but I do
>not know if those same dependency rules apply to inner classes.
>good luck
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>From: "Clifton C. Craig" <>
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>Sent: Friday, January 23, 2004 1:18 PM
>Subject: Javac task skips inner classes
>>I have an issue where I run <javac> over a .java file with an inner
>>class and the inner class is not generated. My build process involves a
>>lot of Java comppiles and I'm not sure exactly where things get out of
>>step. What I do know is occasionally when a bug slips into our source
>>control head rev it causes our compile task (which runs over a fileset
>>containing all of our source) to stop abruptly while the rest of the
>>build continues. (failonerror=no) I then notice that a couple of files
>>with inner classes are partially compiled. That is their corresponding
>>class files are present but their inner class .class files are not. An
>>attempt to run <javac> over just the .java file or files that are
>>incomplete does nothing and I assume it's probably because of <javac>'s
>>dependancy checking where it see's the corresponding .class file for the
>>.java and does nothing. An attempt to run <javac> over the .java after
>>the .class is deleted creates both the class and inner class for the
>>file. This is sometimes annoying as we sometimes need to test the rest
>>of the app while one little bug is being fixed by another developer. It
>>becomes a hard-ship to nail down exactly which class files were skipped
>>due to a minor bug. Is there a way to turn off dependancy checking for
>>javac and force it to compile all classes regardless of whether they
>>already have an existing .java file? Also could someone explain how a
>>.java file with an inner class can be partially compiled like this?
>>Clifton C. Craig, Software Engineer
>>Intelligent Computer Systems -  A Division of GBG
>>2101 Embassy Drive
>>Lancaster, PA  17603
>>Phone:  717-295-7977 ext. 621
>>Fax:  717-295-7683
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