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From "Clifton C. Craig" <>
Subject Javac task skips inner classes
Date Fri, 23 Jan 2004 18:18:01 GMT
I have an issue where I run <javac> over a .java file with an inner 
class and the inner class is not generated. My build process involves a 
lot of Java comppiles and I'm not sure exactly where things get out of 
step. What I do know is occasionally when a bug slips into our source 
control head rev it causes our compile task (which runs over a fileset 
containing all of our source) to stop abruptly while the rest of the 
build continues. (failonerror=no) I then notice that a couple of files 
with inner classes are partially compiled. That is their corresponding 
class files are present but their inner class .class files are not. An 
attempt to run <javac> over just the .java file or files that are 
incomplete does nothing and I assume it's probably because of <javac>'s 
dependancy checking where it see's the corresponding .class file for the 
.java and does nothing. An attempt to run <javac> over the .java after 
the .class is deleted creates both the class and inner class for the 
file. This is sometimes annoying as we sometimes need to test the rest 
of the app while one little bug is being fixed by another developer. It 
becomes a hard-ship to nail down exactly which class files were skipped 
due to a minor bug. Is there a way to turn off dependancy checking for 
javac and force it to compile all classes regardless of whether they 
already have an existing .java file? Also could someone explain how a 
.java file with an inner class can be partially compiled like this?

Clifton C. Craig, Software Engineer
Intelligent Computer Systems -  A Division of GBG
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