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From Antoine Lévy-Lambert <>
Subject Re: Installing Ant on WinMe
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2004 14:29:15 GMT
* wrote:

>Hi all,
>I am having difficulty in installing Ant 1.6 on a WinMe machine. The Ant
>manual assumes that Win9x, NT behave the same as WinMe, which is not the
>case. Some help is much needed here!
>I get an "Out Of Environment Space" error a few times and then a "Bad file
>name" error, when calling ant.bat.
>The Ant manual suggests adding 'shell=c:\ c:\ /p /e:32768' to the
>config.sys file, but on WinMe there is no config.sys file - see M$ knowledge
>base article at
>Any Dos environment changes which are required should apparently be made in
>a cmdinit.bat file, which is run each time the Dos window is called from
>Adding the shell=entry line to this batch file, however,  has not made any
>difference to my install problem.
>I will be grateful to find someone out there who can help?
>I have tried with Ant1.5 with the same result, so I don't think it's the
>version of Ant.
I would think that you would get easier some assistance on a WinMe 
If you then have suggestions about how to improve the support of ant for 
WinMe it will be interesting.


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