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From Thomas Schapitz <>
Subject Re: Problem with command arguments
Date Sun, 18 Jan 2004 21:34:08 GMT
Antoine Lévy-Lambert wrote:

> michelle zaremskas wrote:
>> I have an Ant task that I am writing which is invoking a Windows 
>> Command Line program. An example of the string I am attempting to 
>> contruct is:
>> pcli Put -prd:\pvcs\vm\sampledb aC:\test -o -m "My Description"  
>> -v"My Version label" bp/chess/server /chess/server/server.bat 
>> /chess/server/shutdown.txt
>> The problem is I am having is that the command line executable will 
>> not allow a "space" after the -m parameter and it requires double 
>> quotes around the value I am passing.  When I attempt to construct 
>> the Command Argument using the ANT API it will either place a space 
>> after the '-m' parameter or it will place double quotes around the 
>> string like so:  "-mMy Description". 
>> Can someone provide me some guidance on how I can correctly construct 
>> this string using the Ant API for my ANT task.
> Hi Michelle,
> you should construct one command line argument object per word in your 
> command line.
> so -m is one argument
> My Description is one argument,
> ...

> You probably want to call CommandLine.Argument ExecTask#createArg() 
> for each argument.
> For instance
> ExecTask myExecTask() = new ExecTask();
> myExecTask.setExecutable("pcli");
> CommandLine.Argument arg1 =  myExecTask.createArg();
> arg1.setValue("-m");
> CommandLine.Argument arg2 =  myExecTask.createArg();
> arg2.setValue("My Description");
> ...
> Antoine

Hi there.
May be not exactly, what you wanted (sorry Antoine).
As you might have found out, using the manual at
there are two posibillities to specify arguments on the exec tag:

<exec ...>
   <arg line="....all arguments in one line "/>

<exec ...>
   <arg value="argument1"/>
   <arg value="argument2"/>
   <arg value="argumentN"/>

 From your question, I'm guessing that you use
the second approach. (Anyway, you should
have provided the code, and the output,
ANT delivers)
Ant does *not* however, suround the individual
arguments by double or single quotes, even if it *seems*
to do so when switching to verbose mode.
(there is even a note, telling that!)
but what it does, is inserting spaces between arguments,
if you use the value="..." syntax.

What you mioght want to do is one of the following:

<exec ...>
   <arg line="....-m\"My Description\"   ... "/>


<exec ...>
   <arg value="..."/>
   <arg value="-m\"My Description\""/>
   <arg value="argumentN"/>

Note the usage of \" to place quotes into the String.

Btw, you might have ommited the quotes surounding the argument,
if ther wasn't a space in it....(depends on the program you are using,
just try...)


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