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From Walter Moore <>
Subject case sensitive cvs update
Date Thu, 15 Jan 2004 19:46:21 GMT

I'm using cvs to update a cvstag variable in a piece of code, using the 
line String cvsTag = "$Name:$";
To make cvs update the tag within the file requires me to delete the 
file and then do a cvs update on the file.
I can do this manually.

Now I'm trying to automate this using ant version
I can delete the file and do the update,but the file that is created is, instead of the
necessary This is what I'm doing:
<property name="myProj.client.tag" value="com/fedex/myProj/" />
<delete file="${src}/${myProj.client.tag}" />
<cvs command="update ${expressclear.server.tag}" />

I ONLY want to update this specific file - not the entire project.
The above works fine if the file begins with a capital and the rest are 

My problem is that this file's class inside it is all caps, and so the 
file needs to be all casesensitive.

How can I do this?

Walter Moore

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