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From Robert Koberg <>
Subject Re: xslt task - multiple files output - question
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2004 13:07:39 GMT
Jakob wrote:

> Hi,
> I searched the archive, and found some posts relating
> approximately to my problem, but not entirely, and without
> solution.
> I have one input XML file, and want to use Xalan's
> redirect extension to create a number of output files.

If you are using something like Xalan's redirect extension then you 
would manage where you write the file in the XSL. Perhaps you want to 
pass a param the tell the transformation which (relative?) directory to 
go to.

You would use the xslt task's out attribute to perhaps write a report of 
what you have done.

make sense?


> So, theoretically, I would use the "in" and "destdir"
> attributes, correct?  However, it seems they cannot be
> used together.  Only the "in" and "out", and the "basedir"
> and "destdir" attribute pairs can be used together.
> I have tried mixing the "in" and "destdir", but in this
> case "in" is ignored, and "basedir" == "." is assumed.
> I also tried to use "basedir" and "destdir" (which in my
> scenario are the same), but now it converts the output of
> the transformation as well, as it works recursively. ...
> So, currently I am using this rather inelegant workaround
> where I create a dummy outfile which is afterwards
> deleted:
> <xslt
>  style="${dir.preparation}/fragment.xsl"
>  in="${}/${ed.ibc}/lof/in.xml"
>  out="${}/${ed.ibc}/lof/">
>  <xmlcatalog refid="xml.catalog"/>
> </xslt>
> <delete file="${}/${ed.ibc}/lof/"/>
> I do not like it, but it works.  I would be grateful for
> any suggestion as to how to make it more elegant.  Thanks
> in advance.
> cheers,
> Jakob.
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